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Five Bhikkhus, aka: Five Bhikhus, Five Bhikshus, Five Bhiksus; 3 Definition(s)

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The first five of Buddhas converts: in Pali (P) and in Sanskrit (S) Ajnata Kaundinya Ajnata Kondanna Bhadrika - Bhaddiya Asvajit - Assagi Vaspa - Vappa Mahanaman - Mahanama They followed Shakyamuni to practice asceticism, but left him when he abandoned such practices. Later, when Shakyamuni attained Buddhahood, his first sermon was preached in Deer Park to these men, who became his first disciples.
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The first five of Buddhas converts: Ajnata Kaundinya, Asvajit, Bhadrika, Dasabala Kasyapa, and Mahanama Kulika. They were the first five disciples that Shakyamuni preached when he became Buddha.
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