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Existence, 1 Definition(s)

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bhava. - The 5 groups of e.: khandha - The 4 substrata of e.: upadhi. - Courses of e.: gati. - Wheel of e.: samsāra. - Craving for e.: bhava-tanhā; s. tanhā; - The 3 characteristics of e.: ti-lakkhana.

Added: 06.Jun.2010 | Source: Pali Kanon: Manual of Buddhist Terms and Doctrines
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· Existence and Non Existence
Buddha explains the middle way by refuting the two extremes: the extreme of exis...
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· Inherent existence
An imagined mode of existence whereby phenomena are held to exist from their own...
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· True existence
Existence in any way independent of conceptual imputation.
1 desc.
· Enlightened Existence
See 'Bodhisattva';
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· Cyclic Existence
See Samsara.
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· Existence of God
The tendency of the Nyāya system has been to prove the existence of God by in...
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· States of Existence
There are six states of existence (gati). The highest three are the gods, the as...
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· Marks of Existence
There are three marks of existence: suffering (dukka), impermanence (anitya), an...
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· Five Group Existence
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· Cycle Of Existence
s. samsarā, vatta.
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· Four Group Existence
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· Impersonality Of Existence
s. anattā. - Contemplation of: s. vipassanā (3).
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· One Group Existence
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· Substrata Of Existence
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· Wheel Of Existence
s. samsāra, vatta.
1 desc.

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