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Effort, 2 Definition(s)

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A mental factor that makes its primary mind delight in virtue. See Joyful Path of Good Fortune and Understanding the Mind.

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See Vigor.
Added: 27.Sep.2008 | Buddhist Door: Glossary
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· Samma Vayama
Right zeal or progress, unintermitting perseverance, suppressing the rising of e...
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· Effort of Control
effort of: s. padhāna.
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· Padhana
M (Main, essential).
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· Eightfold Path
The eight right ways leading to the cessation of sufferings. Right Vi...
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· Viriya
The energy necessary to maintain and progress in spiritual development. Also, on...
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· Magga
The path leading to Supreme Enlightenment, to Buddhahood.
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· Sammappadhana
N (Good, right, convenient (samma); effort, diligence (padhana)). Right effort. ...
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· Pārisuddhi Padhāniyanga
the 4 'elements of the effort for purity', are: effort for purity of morality...
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· Sacca
A Licchavi maiden, daughter of a Nigantha and a Niganthi. She was sister to...
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· Saṅkhāra
Formation, compound, fashioning, fabrication - the forces and factors that fa...
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· Yatta
Yatta,(pp.of yatati1) strenuous,making an effort,watchful Nd2 525 (+paṭiyatta,in...
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· Yoga
Yoga (योग): Spiritual practices performed primarily as a means to enlightenment ...
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· Sasankhara Sutta
On four kinds of persons one is set free in this life, but after some effor...
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· Kama
T Sensuous pleasure.
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· Vayama
M Effort.
3 desc.

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