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Effort, 3 Definition(s)

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See Vigor.
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· Samma Vayama
Right Effort has four aspects. The first effort has to do with pre­ventio...
3 desc.
· Effort of Control
effort of: s. padhāna.
1 desc.
· Padhana
Padhāna, (nt.) (fr. pa+dhā, cp. padahati) exertion, energetic effort, striving, ...
6 desc.
· Eightfold Path
There are also eightfold paths: 1) noble eightfold path (āryāṣṭāṅgamārga...
13 desc.
· Viriya
Viriya, (nt.) (fr. vīra; cp. Vedic vīrya & vīria) lit. “state of a strong man, ...
14 desc.
· Magga
Magga, (cp. Epic Sk. mārga, fr. mṛg to track, trace) 1. a road (usually high roa...
14 desc.
· Sammappadhana
sammappadhāna : (nt.) right exertion.
2 desc.
· Saṅkhāra
Saṅkhāra, (fr. saṃ+kṛ, not Vedic, but as saṃskāra Epic & Class. Sk. meaning “pre...
13 desc.
· Yatta
Yatta, (pp. of yatati1) strenuous, making an effort, watchful Nd2 525 (+paṭiyatt...
1 desc.
· Yoga
Yoga (योग) is a Sanskrit technical term, used in law, referring to either &ld...
14 desc.
· Sasankhara Sutta
On four kinds of persons one is set free in this life, but after some effor...
1 desc.
· Pārisuddhi Padhāniyanga
the 4 'elements of the effort for purity', are: effort for purity of morality...
1 desc.
· Sacca
Sacca, (adj.) (cp. Sk. satya) real, true D. I, 182; M. II, 169; III, 207; Dh....
6 desc.
· Yoga Sutta
Yoga, (Vedic yoga, see etym. under yuga & yuñjati. Usually m.; pl. nt. yogāni o...
2 desc.
· Daḷha
Daḷha, (adj.) (Sk. dṛḍha to dṛhyati to fasten, hold fast; *dhergh, cp. Lat. for...
2 desc.

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