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Dvārapālaka, aka: Dvara-palaka; 2 Definition(s)

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The eight door-keepers of Vaikuntha (dvāra-pālaka) are known as

  • Dhāta & Vidhāta (East),
  • Bhadra & Subhadra (South);
  • Nanda,
  • Sunanda (North);
  • Jaya & Vijaya (West).

Sometimes Nanda and Sunanda are replaced by Caṇḍa and Pracaṇḍa.

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Dvārapālakas are the doorkeepers of Śiva. Dvārapālakas are the guardians who stand watch near the door that leads to god. They would first inquire about which deities wished to come to god. After receiving [god’s] permission they would allow the deities to proceed to god. Those who want to proceed against the guardians’ will receive severe punishment. Bhairava is Īśvara himself. Among his 1,008 appearances he once appeared with the name Bhairava. It is also said that Bhairava is the protector of the mountain kailāsa. In addition, it stands also written that there are 80,000,000 Bhairavas. One would also bring offerings to them.

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