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Devotion, 1 Definition(s)

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See Vigor.
Added: 27.Sep.2008 | Buddhist Door: Glossary
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· Bhakti
Practices of worship or devotion to a Hindu god or goddess. See also puja.
3 desc.
· Bhava
Becoming. States of being that develop first in the mind and can then be experie...
16 desc.
· Vaikuntha
Vishnuloka is the home of the Supreme Lord Vishnu. It is the eternal abode of...
4 desc.
· Puja
A act of worship or devotion to a buddha or a bodhisattva.
14 desc.
· Purekkhāra
purekkhāra : (m.) putting in front; honour; devotion.
2 desc.
· Tiruppāvai
Amongst texts of Vaiṣṇava Tamil devotion, the Tiruppāvai is considered one of...
1 desc.
· Vows
VOWS. The vows of Theravadin Buddhist practitioners, whether lay or monastic, ar...
3 desc.
· Bhakti Yoga
Bhakti yoga describes the path of devotion. Seeing the Divine in all of c...
3 desc.
· Anuyoga
anuyoga : (m.) practice of; devotion to; an inquiry or inquest.
3 desc.
· Mṛgavyādha
Mṛgavyādha (मृगव्याध):—One of the Eleven Rudras (ekādaśa-rudra), accord...
2 desc.
· Ceti
is a domed edifice, often quite tall, under which relics of the Buddha or revere...
8 desc.
· Peter
originally called Simon (=Simeon ,i.e., "hearing"), a very common Jewish name in...
3 desc.
· Āyoga
āyoga : (m.) 1. devotion to; 2. exertion; 3. bandage.
2 desc.
· Bhatti
bhatti : (f.) devotion; belief; attachment.
2 desc.
· Ganesha Purana
The Ganesha Purana is a Hindu religious text dedicated to the Hindu deity Gan...
2 desc.

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