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Devotion, 1 Definition(s)

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See Vigor.
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· Bhakti
The Sanskrit term “bhakti” is generally translated as “devo...
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· Bhava
Bhava (भव) is a Sanskrit technical term referring to a type of temple (prāsād...
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· Vaikuntha
Then the Bhagavān Viṣṇu built the Vaikuṇṭha city on the top of all the lokas ...
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· Puja
Pūjā (पूजा) is a Sanskrit term translating to “ritual”.
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· Perialwar
Perialwar (6th-7th Century A.D.)—Perialwar was born in Srivilliputtoor,...
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· Bhakti Yoga
Bhaktī Yoga (भक्ति योग): The Hindu term for the spiritual practice of fostering ...
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· Mṛgavyādha
Mṛgavyādha (मृगव्याध):—The disguise Śiva took when he went to test the ...
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· Vows
A vow is a solemn promise made to God to perform or to abstain from performing a...
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· Purekkhāra
Purekkhāra, (for purakkhāra, puraḥ+kṛ, see pure) deference, devotion, honour; u...
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· Peter
(a rock or stone ). The original name of this disciple was Simon, i.e. "hearer."...
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· Hanuman
Hanumān (हनुमान्) is one of the heroes of the Rāmāyana and he’s the emb...
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· Āyoga
Āyoga, (Sk. āyoga, of ā + yuj; cp. āyutta) — 1. binding, bandage Vin. II, 135; V...
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· Anuyoga
Anuyoga — the second of the three yanas of powerful transformative meth...
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· Forehead
The practice of veiling the face (forehead) in public for women of the high clas...
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· Sambula Jataka
Sambula was the wife of Sotthisena, king of Benares, whose father was the Bodh...
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