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Devata Vagga, aka: Devatā vagga; 2 Definition(s)

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Devatā,(f.) (deva+tā,qualitative-abstr.suffix,like Lat.juventa,senecta,Goth.hauhipa,Ohg.fullida cp.Sk.pūrṇatā,bandhutā etc.) “condition or state of a deva,” divinity; divine being,deity,fairy.The term comprises all beings which are otherwise styled devas,& a list of them given at Nd2 308 & based on the principle that any being who is worshipped (or to whom an offering is made or a gift given:de-vatā=yesaṃ deti,as is expressed in the conclusion “ye yesaṃ dakkhiṇeyyā te tesaṃ devatā”) is a devatā,comprises 5 groups of 5 kinds each,viz.(1) ascetics; (2) domestic animals (elephants,horses,cows,cocks,crows); (3) physical forces & elements (fire,stone etc.); (4) lower gods (:bhumma devā) (nāgā,suvaṇṇā,yakkhā,asurā,gandhabbā); (5) higher gods (:inhabitants of the devaloka proper) Mahārājā,Canda,Suriya,Inda,Brahmā),to which are added the 2 aspects of the sky-god as devadevatā & disā-devatā).-- Another definition at VvA.21 simply states:devatā ti devaputto pi Brahmā pi devadhītā pi vuccati.-- Among the var.deities the foll.are frequently mentioned:rukkha° tree-gods or dryads M.I,306; J.I,221; PvA.5; vatthu° earth gods (the four kings) Pv 41; PvA.17; vana° wood-nymphs M.I,306; samudda° water-sprites J.II,112 etc.etc.‹-› D.I,180 (mahiddhikā,pl.),192; II,8,87,139,158; S.I,sq.; IV,302; M.I,245; II,37; A.I,64,210,211; II,70 (sapubba°); III,77 (bali-paṭiggāhikā),287 (saddhāya samannāgatā); 309; IV,302 sq.,390 (vippaṭisāriniyo); V,331; Sn.45,316,458,995,1043; Dh.99; J.I,59,72,223,256; IV,17,474; Vv 163; Pv.II,110; KhA 113,117; PvA.44.

--ânubhāva divine power or majesty J.I,168; --ânussati “remembrance of the gods,” one of the 6 ânussatiṭṭhānāni,or subjects to be kept in mind D.III,250,280,cp.A.I,211; Vism.197.--uposatha a day of devotion to the gods A.I,211; --paribhoga fit to be enjoyed by gods J.II,104; --bali an offering to the gods A.II,68; --bhāva at PvA.110 read as devattabhāva (opp.petattabhāva).(Page 330)

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1. Devata Vagga - The fourth chapter of the Chakka Nipata of the Anguttara Nikaya. A.iii.329-44.

2. Devata Vagga - The seventh chapter of the same. A.iii.421-9.

3. Devata Vagga - The fourth chapter of the Sattaka Nipata of the Anguttara Nikaya. A.iv.27-39.

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