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Defilements, 1 Definition(s)

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s. kilesa, upakkilesa. -10 d. of insight: vipassanūpakkilesa, s. visuddhi VI. - Round of d., s. vatta (1).

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· Kilesa
Kilesa, (and klesa) (from kilissati) 1. stain, soil, impurity, fig. affliction; ...
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· Nirvana
Nibbāna, (nt.).—I. Etymology. Although nir+vā “to blow”. (cp. BSk. nirvāṇa) is a...
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· Uncleanness
The distinctive idea attached to ceremonial uncleanness among the Hebrews was th...
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· Kasaya
Kaṣāya (कषाय):—Another name for Kvātha (“decoction”), which...
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· Five Turbidities
They are. 1. the defilement of views, when incorrect, perverse thoughts and idea...
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· Abhabbāgamana
'incapable of progressing'.  "Those beings  who are obstructed by their evil...
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· Cunda
Cunda, an artist who works in ivory J.VI, 261 (Com: dantakāra); Miln.331. (Page...
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Rajo, (rajas) & Raja (nt.) (raj, see rajati & rañjati. Vedic rajaḥ meaning: (a) ...
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'retrospective knowledge', refers to the recollected mental image obtained in co...
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Kālacakra is an ideo-realistic monism. Bodhicitta is a transcendental reality...
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· Viśuddha
Visuddhi, (f.) (vi+suddhi) brightness, splendour, excellency; (ethically) purit...
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· Upakkilesa
Upakkilesa, (fr. upa + kliś) anything that spoils or obstructs, a minor stain, i...
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· Dhvaja
Dhvaja (ध्वज) is a Sanskrit technical term referring to “that which mar...
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· Rajjana
Rajjana, (nt.) (fr. rajjati) defilement DA. I, 195. Cp. muyhana. (Page 562)
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· Sallekha Dhamma
Topics of effacement (effacing defilement) - having few wants, being content wit...
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