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An eminent lay disciple of the Buddha. He was an Anagami, and offered to perform a miracle himself before the Buddha showed the Twin Miracle (DhA.iii.210). Culla Anathapindika provided food for three months for the multitude, covering an area of twelve leagues, which had assembled at Savatthi to await the descent of the Buddha from Tavatimsa after his preaching of the Abhidhamma Pitaka (DhA.iii.218; AA.i.71). Five hundred monks fed daily at Culla Anathapindikas house in Savatthi (DhA.i.339). He was one of the seven lay disciples of the Buddha who had each five hundred followers (SA.iii.223). Culla Anathapindika is generally mentioned (E.g., J.i.148; ii.287, iii.520) together with Pasenadi, Visakha, and Anathapindika as the Buddhas eminent lay patrons. His personal name is not known. The sobriquet was probably given on account of his generosity, rivalling that of Anathapindika.

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