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Cula Gosinga Sutta, 1 Definition(s)

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The Buddha, residing at the Ginjakavasatha in Nadika, visits the Gosinga Salavana, where dwell Anuruddha, Nandiya and Kimbila. (According to the Vinaya account (i.350), this incident takes place in Pacinavamsadaya). At first the keeper tries to stop the Buddha from approaching them, fearing lest he should disturb their meditation. The Buddha questions them as to their attainments and praises them. At the end of the sutta mention is made of a Yakkha, named Digha, visiting the Buddha and telling him how the fame of the three Elders had travelled even to the world of Brahma (M.i.205-11). The sutta illustrates the greatness of harmony (samaggi). MA.i.361.

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