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Abstract contemplation. There are four levels through which the mind frees itself from all subjects and objective hindrances and reaches a state of absolute indifference and annihilation of thought, perception, and will. See also Meditation.
Added: 27.Sep.2008 | Source: Buddhist Door: Glossary
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s. anupassanā.

Added: 06.Jun.2010 | Source: Pali Kanon: Manual of Buddhist Terms and Doctrines
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· Reflecting Contemplation
patisankhānupassanā (s. vipassanā, 17).
1 desc.
· Contemplation of Misery
contemplation of: dukkhānupassanā; s. ti-lakkhana.
1 desc.
· Contemplation on Desirelessness
contemplation on: s. vipassanā (12).
1 desc.
· Contemplation of Dissolution
contemplation of: khayānupassanā, is one of the 18 chief kinds of insight (vipas...
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· Viśuddha
F (Complete purity). Excellence.
6 desc.
· Satipatthana
(the Four) Foundations of Mindfulness
8 desc.
· Vipassana
Discernment; also, insight, correct perception or view.
16 desc.
· Kāya Gatā Sati
'mindfulness with regard to the body', refers sometimes (e.g. Vis.M. VIII.2) onl...
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· ānāpāna Sati
'mindfulness on in-and-out-breathing',  is one of the most important exercises ...
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· Asubha
Unattractiveness, loathsomeness, foulness. The Buddha recommends contemplation o...
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· Paramita
Refers to the six practices, the perfection of which ferries one beyond the sea ...
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· Kammatthana
The act of meditation or contemplation, subjects of meditation exercises.
7 desc.
· Four Foundations of Mindfulness
The Buddha s quintessential teachings on mindfulness: 1. Contemplation of bod...
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· Sixteen Stages Of Anapanasati
Formally, there are sixteen stages and mdash; or contemplations and mdash; of an...
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· Anicca
'impermanent' (or, as abstract noun, aniccatā, 'impermanence') is the first of t...
14 desc.

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