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Contemplation, 2 Definition(s)

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s. anupassanā.

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Abstract contemplation. There are four levels through which the mind frees itself from all subjects and objective hindrances and reaches a state of absolute indifference and annihilation of thought, perception, and will. See also Meditation.
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· Reflecting Contemplation
patisankhānupassanā (s. vipassanā, 17).
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· Contemplation of Misery
contemplation of: dukkhānupassanā; s. ti-lakkhana.
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· Contemplation on Desirelessness
contemplation on: s. vipassanā (12).
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· Contemplation of Dissolution
contemplation of: khayānupassanā, is one of the 18 chief kinds of insight (vipas...
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· Viśuddha
Visuddhi, (f.) (vi+suddhi) brightness, splendour, excellency; (ethically) purit...
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· Satipaṭṭhāna
satipaṭṭhāna : (nt.) application of mindfulness.
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· Vipassanā
Vipassanā, (f.) (fr. vi+passati; BSk. vipaśyanā, e.g. Divy 44, 95, 264 etc. ) i...
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· Kāya Gatā Sati
'mindfulness with regard to the body', refers sometimes (e.g. Vis.M. VIII.2) onl...
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· Kammaṭṭhāna
kammaṭṭhāna : (nt.) a subject for meditation; a branch of industry.
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· Sixteen Stages Of Anapanasati
Formally, there are sixteen stages and mdash; or contemplations and mdash; of an...
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· ānāpāna Sati
(In and out Breathing) watching over: ānāpāna-sati.
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· Asubha
Asubha, (adj.) (a + subha) impure, unpleasant, bad, ugly, nasty; nt. °ṃ nastines...
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· Paramita
Pāramī, (f.) (abstr. fr. parama, cp. BSk. mantrāṇāṃ pāramiṃ gata Divy 637) compl...
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· Anicca
anicca : (adj.) not stable; impermanent.
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· Īryāpatha
Irya-patha (Influx of karmas caused by vibrations without passions).
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