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Concentration being, 1 Definition(s)

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A symbol of BuddhaaE s Truth Body, usually visualized as a seed letter at the heart of a commitment being or a wisdom being. It is so called because it is generated through concentration.
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· Concentration
A mental factor that makes its primary mind remain on its object single pointedl...
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living: satta; further s. puggala. - Belief in eternal personality: bhava-ditthi...
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Right abstraction, the eighth of the Eightfold Path; meditation, focusing the mi...
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An actual Buddha, especially one who is invited to unite with a visualized commi...
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Synonymous with sentient being (Tib. sem chA n). Any being who possesses a mind ...
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aE AryaaE in Sanskrit. A being who has a direct realization of emptiness. There ...
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aE Sem chA naE in Tibetan. Any being who possesses a mind that is contaminated b...
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A visualized Buddha or ourself visualized as a Buddha. A commitment being is so ...
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· Holy being
A being who is worthy of devotion
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· Access Concentration
s. samādhi.
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· Attainment Concentration
appanā-samādhi; s. samādhi.
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satisfied with oneaE s inner and outer conditions, motivated by a virtuous inten...
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(and preparatory image, etc.): s. samādhi, javana.
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· Ordinary being
Anyone who has not realized emptiness directly.
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