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See Saddhammajotipala.

Added: 11.Apr.2009 | Pali Kanon: Pali Proper Names
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· Arimaddana
The name given in the Pali chronicles to the city of Pagan in Burma (Ramanna) ...
1 desc.
· Saddhammajotipala
Pupil of Uttarajiva of Pagan. He went to Ceylon with his teacher, received the...
1 desc.
· Vinayagulhatthadipani
A work ascribed to Chapata. It explains difficult passages of the Vinayapitaka. ...
1 desc.
· Sihalasangha
A sect founded in Pagan by Chapata and his four companions: Rahula, Ananda, Si...
1 desc.
· Ariyavamsa
1. Ariyavamsa - A compilation, probably of the life histories of men eminent i...
1 desc.
· Simalankarasangaha
A work on boundaries and sites for religious ceremonies written by Vacissara of ...
1 desc.
· Vinayasamutthanadipani
A Vinaya treatise by Chapata. Gv. 64; Bode, op. cit., 18.
1 desc.
· Suttaniddesa
also called Kaccayanasuttaniddesa A grammatical treatise, explaining the suttas...
1 desc.
· Dhammacari
A Burmese monk of the twelfth century; he was a pupil of Chapata, who wrote the ...
2 desc.
· Tamalinda
One of the four companions of Chapata and a founder of the Sihalasangha in Burma...
1 desc.
· Kusumanagara
The Pali name for the city now known as Bassein, in Burma (Bode, op. cit., 24). ...
1 desc.
· Matikatthadipani
A work on the Abhidhamma, ascribed to Chapata. Gv. 64; Bode, op. cit., 19.
1 desc.
· Namacaradipani
An Abhidhamma treatise, probably composed by Chapata. Bode: op. cit., 18.
1 desc.

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