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Chalk Stones, 1 Definition(s)

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· Stone
Stones were commonly used for buildings, also as memorials of important events (...
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· Moabite Stone
In the year 1868 Rev. F. Klein, of the Church Missionary Society at Jerusalem, f...
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· Rosetta Stone
The Rosetta Stone can be thought of as the "key" to ancient Egyptia...
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· Sardine Stone
( Revelation 4:3 , RSV, "sardius;" Heb. 'odhem; LXX., Gr. sardion, from a root m...
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· Corner Stone
a quoin or cornerstone, of great importance in binding together the sides of a b...
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· Precious Stones
Frequently referred to ( 1 Kings 10:2 ; 2 Chr 3:6 ; 9:10 ; Revelation 18:16 ; 21...
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· Stone Of Bohan
a stone erected in honor of Bohan on the boundary between Judah and Benjamin, in...
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· Stone Of Abel
(the great abel ), the place where the ark rested in the field of Joshua at Beth...
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· Śila
Śīla (discipline or morality) is called innate goodness. Wholeheartedly follo...
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· Pāsāṇa
Pāsāṇa, (Epic Sk. pāṣāṇa) a rock, stone A. I, 283; Sn. 447; J. I, 109, 199; V...
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· Mill
The mills of the ancient Hebrews probably differed but little from those at pres...
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· Śālagrāma
The Shalagram-stones that are worshipped are only those which are picked up f...
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· Eben Ezer
(stone of help ), a stone set up by Samuel after a signal defeat of the Philisti...
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· High Priest
The first distinct separation of Aaron to the office of the priesthood, which pr...
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· Tomb
From the burial of Sarah in the cave of Machpelah, ( Genesis 23:19 ) to the fune...
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