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Cetana Sutta, 1 Definition(s)

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1. Cetana Sutta - That which we will and intend to do and with which we are occupied, that becomes an object (arammana) for the persistence of consciousness (vinnana). The object being there, there comes to be a station of consciousness. Consciousness being stationed and growing, there is renewed existence with all its consequent ills. S.ii.65f.

2. Cetana Sutta - Same as above, with name and form substituted for rebirth, and the other factors of the paticca samuppada following there from. S.ii.66.

3. Cetana Sutta - Same as (1), except that consciousness, being stationed and growing, there comes a bending (nati) followed, serially, by a going to a coming (agatigati), decease, rebirth, etc. S.ii.66f.

4. Cetana Sutta - Volitioned acts occasioned by form, sound, etc., are impermanent. S.iv.227.

5. Cetana Sutta - The arising of volitional acts is the appearing of decay and death; their cessation, its cessation. S.iii.230.

6. Cetana Sutta - The desire and lust that is in will, concerning shape, etc., is corruption of the heart. S.iii.233.

7. Cetana Sutta - Preached to Ananda. Rebirth is due to intention (cetana) and aspiration (patthana) being established in a lower element because of ignorance. A.i.224.

8. Cetana Sutta - Where there is action of body, speech or mind, there arises pleasure or pain caused by intention (cetana). This is due to ignorance; when ignorance is destroyed, there is no field or base for such action. A.ii.157f.

9. Cetana Sutta - In a monk possessed of good conduct spiritual life proceeds spontaneously, not intentionally. A.v.2f.

10. Cetana Sutta - The same, in substance, as (9). A.v.312f.

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