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cf. paccaya (1). - For the five c. of existence, s. paticca-samuppāda (10).

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· Sevenfold cause and effect
A method for generating bodhichitta in which affectionate love is developed prim...
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· Law of Cause and Effect
The Law of Cause and Effect treats of the Law of Causal condition as it relates ...
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· Paticcasamuppada
See dependent arising.
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· Kamma Sutta
1. Kamma Sutta - Blameworthy action of body, speech and mind, and wrong views,...
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· Paccaya
Paccaya or 'condition', is something on which something else, the so-called '...
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· Kamma Vagga
The twenty fourth chapter of the Catukka Nipata of the Anguttara Nikaya. It cont...
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· Kamma
Kamma,(nt.) (Vedic karman,work esp.sacrificial process.For ending °man=Idg.*men ...
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· Karma
Volition, volitional or intentional activity. Karma is always followed by its fr...
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· Satkāryavada
There are two views on the theory of causation in the Indian philosophy: ...
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· Pratyaya
Pratyaya, ( Sanskrit: “cause”) Pāli paccaya, in Buddhist philosop...
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· Hetu Sutta
1. Hetu Sutta. Body, feeling, etc., and their cause, are all impermanent. S.ii...
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· Nirvana
The deathless; the cessation of all suffering. The very opposite of the Wheel of...
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· Four Noble Truths
Four noble truths (Skt., ārya-satya; Pali, ariya-satta); these are the basis ...
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· Hetu
Hetu,(Vedic hetu,fr.hi to impel) 1.cause,reason,condition S.I,134; A.III,440 sq....
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· Patisambhida
F Analytical understanding. This understanding can take place only upon reaching...
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