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cf. paccaya (1). - For the five c. of existence, s. paticca-samuppāda (10).

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· Law of Cause and Effect
The Law of Cause and Effect treats of the Law of Causal condition as it relates ...
1 desc.
· Paticcasamuppada
Paṭicca-samuppāda, (p. +samuppāda, BSk. prātītyasamutpāda, e.g. Divy 300, 547) “...
9 desc.
· Kamma Vagga
Kamma, (nt.) (Vedic karman, work esp. sacrificial process. For ending °man=Idg. ...
2 desc.
· Paccaya
Paccaya, (fr. paṭi+i, cp. Ved. pratyaya & P. pacceti, paṭicca) lit. resting on, ...
7 desc.
· Kamma
Kamma, (nt.) (Vedic karman, work esp. sacrificial process. For ending °man=Idg. ...
1 desc.
· Karma
Karma (कर्म) is defined as the cause of conjunction and disjunction and resid...
36 desc.
· Kamma Sutta
Kamma, (nt.) (Vedic karman, work esp. sacrificial process. For ending °man=Idg. ...
2 desc.
· Satkāryavada
Satkaryavada is a hypothesis according to which the effect pre-exists in a po...
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· Pratyaya
Pratyaya, ( Sanskrit: “cause”) Pāli paccaya, in Buddhist philosop...
1 desc.
· Hetu Sutta
Hetu, (Vedic hetu, fr. hi to impel) 1. cause, reason, condition S.I, 134; A.III...
2 desc.
· Nirvana
Nibbāna, (nt.).—I. Etymology. Although nir+vā “to blow”. (cp. BSk. nirvāṇa) is a...
34 desc.
· Four Noble Truths
Four noble truths (Skt., ārya-satya; Pali, ariya-satta); these are the basis ...
17 desc.
· Hetu
Hetu: Hetu means cause, motive, or purpose. The cause is the individual soul ...
2 desc.
· Patisambhida
Paṭisambhidā, (f.) (paṭi+saṃ+bhid; the BSk. pratisaṃvid is a new formation rest...
5 desc.
· Attha
1) Attha, 3 pres. 2nd pl. of atthi (q. v.). (Page 24)2) Attha, 2 (nt.) (Vedic as...
4 desc.

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