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Campa, aka: Campā; 3 Definition(s)

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1. Campa - A city in India on the river of the same name; it was the capital of Anga and was celebrated for its beautiful lake, the Gaggara pokkharani (q.v.), which was excavated by Queen Gaggara. On its banks was a grove of campaka trees, well known for the fragrance of their marvellous white flowers, and there, in the Buddhas time, wandering teachers were wont to lodge. The Buddha himself stayed thereon several occasions (Vin.i.312; S.i.195; A.iv.59, 168; v.151, 189). Sariputta (A.iv.59) and Vangisa (S.i.195) are also said to have stayed there. The Maha Parinibbana Sutta (D.ii.147) mentions Campa as one of the six important cities of India, its foundation being ascribed to Mahagovinda (D.ii.235). It lay at a distance of sixty yojanas from Mithila (J.iv.32). In the Buddhas time the people of Campa owed allegiance to Bimbisara, as king of Magadha, and Bimbisara had given a royal fief in Campa to the brahmin Sonadanda (D.i.111). Campa was evidently an important centre of trade, and we are told that merchants travelled from there to Suvannabhumi for purposes of trade (E.g., J.vi.539). Most probably it was the Indian colonists from Campa who named one of their most important settlements in Indo China after this famous old town. The ancient name of Campa was probably Malini or Malina.( Campasya tu puri Campa, ya Malinyabhavat pura; Mbh.xii.5, 6, 7; Matsyapurana 48, 97, etc.; Law, A.G.I.6, n.2).

The ninth chapter of the Maha Vagga of the Vinaya Pitaka (Vin.i.312ff; see also Vin.ii.307) contains several important regulations laid down by the Buddha at Campa regarding the validity and otherwise of formal acts of the Sangha.

Campa is mentioned as the birthplace of Sona Kolivisa, Jambugamika, Nandaka and Bharata, and among those who resided there were Bahuna, Vajjiyamahita and Thullananda and her companions.

The Sonadanda, the Dasuttara, the Kandaraka and the Karandava Suttas were preached there.

According to Buddhaghosa (MA.ii.565), Campa was so called because the whole place abounded in large Campaka trees.

Campa is generally identified with a site about twenty four miles to the east of the modern Bhagalpur, near the villages of Campanagara and Campapura (C.A.G.I.5). It was visited by Hiouen Thsang (Beal, Records ii.187f), and Fa Hien calls it a great kingdom with many places of worship (p.65).

The Buddhas bathing robe was enshrined in Campa (Bu.xxviii.9). See also Kala Campa, probably another name for Campa.

2. Campa, Campaka - One of the two chief women disciples of Kakusandha Buddha. Bu.xxiii.21; J.i.42.

3. Campa, Campaka - Birthplace of Paduma Buddha (Bu ix.16; J.i.36). Near by was the Campaka uyyana.

4. Campa - The river which flowed between Anga and Magadha (now called Chandan). The Naga Campeyya held sway over the river. J.iv.454f.


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campā : (f.) name of a town in India; present Bhagalpore.

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Campa,=campaka J.VI,151.(Page 262)

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Campā,(f.) N.of a town (Bhagulpore) & a river D.I,111; DA.I,279; J.IV,454.(Page 262)

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