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Capital of Egypt with 8.5 million inhabitants. The infrastructure of Cairo is well developed, but it is designed for a population of about 2 million. Although the infrastructure is somewhat sophisticated, it can no longer cope with the growth of the city. Still, new projects have aided the city, both the subway, city tunnels and general improvements. Electricity, water, and public transportation work well within metropolitan Cairo. Pollution and poverty are reaching the extremes along the periphery.

Greater Cairo is made up of original Cairo, the city of Giza, the islands Gezira and ar-Ruda, and regions in Qalubiyya, north of Cairo proper. The main centre of Cairo is just across the bridges from Giza and Gezira. The most popular places to live are on Gezira, the less densely populated Giza, the southern centre of Maadi and the northern centre of Heliopolis.

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