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The mental state of the devas of the Brahma worlds corresponds to the first dhyana, and is characterized by observation (vitarka) and reflection (vicara) as well as delight (priti) and joy (sukha). The Brahma worlds, together with the other lower worlds of the universe, are destroyed by fire at the end of a mahakalpa (see Temporal cosmology below).

  • Mahabrahma (Tib: tshangs.pa chen.po) and – the world of "Great Brahma", believed by many to be the creator of the world, and having as his titles "Brahma, Great Brahma, the Conqueror, the Unconquered, the All Seeing, All Powerful, the Lord, the Maker and Creator, the Ruler, Appointer and Orderer, Father of All That Have Been and Shall Be." According to the Brahmajala Sutta (DN.1), a Mahabrahma is a being from the Abhasvara worlds who falls into a lower world through exhaustion of his merits and is reborn alone in the Brahma world; forgetting his former existence, he imagines himself to have come into existence without cause. Note that even such a high ranking deity has no intrinsic knowledge of the worlds above his own. Mahabrahma is 1 1 and frasl;2 yojanas tall. His lifespan variously said to be 1 kalpa (Vibhajyavada tradition) or 1 1 and frasl;2 kalpas long (Sarvastivada tradition), although it would seem that it could be no longer than 3 and frasl;4 of a mahakalpa, i.e., all of the mahakalpa except for the Samvartasthayikalpa, because that is the total length of time between the rebuilding of the lower world and its destruction. It is unclear what period of time "kalpa" refers to in this case. The height of this world is 10,240 yojanas above the Earth.
  • Brahmapurohita (Tib: tshangs.khor) and – the "Ministers of Brahma" are beings, also originally from the Abhasvara worlds, that are born as companions to Mahabrahma after he has spent some time alone. Since they arise subsequent to his thought of a desire for companions, he believes himself to be their creator, and they likewise believe him to be their creator and lord. They are 1 yojana in height and their lifespan is variously said to be 1 and frasl;2 of a kalpa (Vibhajyavada tradition) or a whole kalpa (Sarvastivada tradition). If they are later reborn in a lower world, and come to recall some part of their last existence, they teach the doctrine of Brahma as creator as a revealed truth. The height of this world is 5,120 yojanas above the Earth.
  • Brahmaparisadya or Brahmaparisajja (Tib: tshangs.ris) and – the "Councilors of Brahma" or the devas "belonging to the assembly of Brahma". They are also called Brahmakayika, but this name can be used for any of the inhabitants of the Brahma worlds. They are half a yojana in height and their lifespan is variously said to be 1 and frasl;3 of a kalpa (Vibhajyavada tradition) or 1 and frasl;2 of a kalpa (Sarvastivada tradition). The height of this world is 2,560 yojanas above the Earth.
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