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kāya. Contemplation on the b. is one of the 4 satipatthāna.

Added: 06.Jun.2010 | Source: Pali Kanon: Manual of Buddhist Terms and Doctrines
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· Divine body
When a practitioner attains an illusory body, he or she attains an actual div...
2 desc.
· Illusory body
The subtle divine body that is principally developed from the indestructible win...
1 desc.
· Sangharama Body
A monastery with its garden or grove, a universal body.
2 desc.
· Emanation Body
aE NirmanakayaaE in Sanskrit. A gross Form Body of a Buddha that can be seen by ...
1 desc.
· Form Body
The Enjoyment Body and the Emanation Body of a Buddha. The first is his or her s...
1 desc.
· Truth Body
aE DharmakayaaE in Sanskrit. The Wisdom Truth Body and the Nature Body of a Budd...
1 desc.
· Vajra body
Generally, the channels, drops, and inner winds. More specifically, the pure ill...
1 desc.
· Subtle Body
SUBTLE BODY. System of channels and focal points within the human organism aroun...
1 desc.
· Enjoyment Body
aE SambhogakayaaE in Sanskrit. A BuddhaaE s subtle Form Body that can be perceiv...
1 desc.
· Nature Body
The ultimate nature of a BuddhaaE s mind. Also known as `Entity BodyaE . See als...
1 desc.
· Body mandala
The transformation into a Deity of any part of the body of a self generated or i...
1 desc.
· Anandamayakosha
Anandamayakosha (bliss body), one of the five koshas.
1 desc.
· Vignanamayakosha
vignanamayakosha (wisdom body), one of the five koshas.
1 desc.
· Manamayakosha
manamayakosha (mind body), one of the five koshas.
1 desc.
· Pranamayakosha
pranamayakosha (etheric body), one of the five koshas.
1 desc.


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