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Bhikkhu Sutta, 1 Definition(s)

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1. Bhikkhu Sutta. A monk who knows decay and death, birth, becoming, grasping, craving, etc., their arising, their cessation and the way thereto such a monk stands knocking at the door of Deathlessness. S.ii.43.

2. Bhikkhu Sutta. Whatever monks have destroyed the asavas by personal knowledge and insight, have done so by cultivating and developing the four iddhipadas. It is the same for the past, present and future. S.v.257.

3. Bhikkhu Sutta. The Buddha explains to a group of monks psychic power and its cultivation. S.v.287.

4. Bhikkhu Sutta. The Buddha tells a group of monks about the seven bojjhangas and their cultivation. S.v.334f.

5. Bhikkhu or Suddhika Sutta. Four conditions, the possession of which makes of a disciple a sotapanna. S.v.403.

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1. Bhikkhu Sutta. Gains, favours and flattery are a danger even to an arahant unless the freedom of his will is unshakable. S.ii.238.

2. Bhikkhu Sutta. Once Moggallana and Lakkkhana saw a Bhikkhu, born as a peta, going through the air, his body, robes, etc., on fire. He had been a sinful monk in the time of Kassapa Buddha. S.ii.260.

3. Bhikkhu Sutta. A monk asks for a teaching in brief and the Buddha tells him that that for which a monk has bias, by that is he reckoned (i.e., he has to give up all bias). The monk dwells in solitude, reflecting on this, and becomes an arahant. S.iii.34f.

4. Bhikkhu Sutta. Ignorance consists in ignorance of the nature of the body, its arising, its cessation and the way thereto; wisdom is wisdom with regard to these things. The same with the other khandhas. S.iii.162f.

5. Bhikkhu Sutta. The Buddha agrees with a group of monks that if when questioned by other sectarians as to the object of their holiness, they answer that it is the full knowledge of dukkha, their answer is right; he proceeds to tell them what should be their answer if questioned as to what is dukkha. S.iv.50f.

6. Bhikkhu Sutta. The Buddha tells a monk about feelings, their arising and cause, their cessation and the way thereto, etc. S.iv.232.

7. Bhikkhu Sutta. A monk asks for a teaching in brief, and the Buddha tells him that he must have truly pure virtue and straight view. Standing on sure virtue, he should cultivate the four satipatthanas; thus will he reach his goal. The monk follows this teaching and becomes an arahant. S.v.142f.

8. Bhikku Sutta. It is by cultivating the four iddhi padas that a monk destroys the asavas. S.v.284.

9. Bhikkhu Sutta. See Bhaya Sutta (6).

10. Bhikkhu Sutta. The Buddha tells the monks at Gijjhakuta of seven things, the maintenance of which among the monks will conduce to their progress and save them from desire. A.iv.216.

11. Bhikkhu Sutta. See also Bhikkhu Sutta.

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