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Bhava, 7 Definition(s)

AKA: Bhaava

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Becoming. States of being that develop first in the mind and can then be experienced as internal worlds and/or as worlds on an external level. There are three levels of becoming: on the sensual level, the level of form, and the level of formlessness.
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Bhava is the Sanskrit and Pali word for "becoming" in the sense of ongoing worldly existence, from the root bhu "to become".

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N (Life). Existence. Becoming.

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Upadana leads to bhava (becoming). There are two kinds of bhava, viz., kammabhava and upapattibhava.

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Bhava means nature;

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'becoming', 'process of existence', consists of 3 planes:

  • sensuous existence (kāma-bhava),

  • fine-material existence (rūpa-bhava),

  • immaterial existence (arūpa-bhava). Cf. loka.

The whole process of existence may be divided into two aspects:

(1) Karma-process (kamma-bhava), i.e. the karmically active side of existence, being the cause of rebirth and consisting in wholesome and unwholesome volitional actions. See Karma, paticca-samuppāda (IX).

(2) Karma-produced rebirth, or regenerating process (uppattibhava), i.e. the karmically passive side of existence consisting in the arising and developing of the karma-produced and therefore morally neutral mental and bodily phenomena of existence. Cf. Tab. - (App.).

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(feminine and masculine) 'nature',

refers to the sexual characteristics of the body, and belongs to the group of corporeality (s. khandha).

It is a commentarial term for the faculties of femininity and masculinity (s. indriya 7, 8). (App.).

Added: 06.Jun.2010 | Source: Pali Kanon: Manual of Buddhist Terms and Doctrines
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