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Bhāvanā Maya Paññā, 1 Definition(s)

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1 Definition(s) from various sources:

wisdom based on mental development'; s. paññā

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· Maya
Māyā (माया, “guile”) is Treachery; with that he shall never behav...
17 desc.
· Panna
Paññā, (f.) (cp. Vedic prajñā, pa+jñā) intelligence, comprising all the higher f...
22 desc.
· Bhavana
1) Bhavana (भवन) is a Sanskrit technical term referring to a “temple&rd...
17 desc.
· Cintā Maya Paññā
'Wisdom (or knowledge) based on thinking', s. paññā.
1 desc.
· Suta Mayā Paññā
'knowledge based on learning'; s. paññā.
1 desc.
· Māyātattva
Illusion (māyā)–“supreme veil”, “the world-source&rdq...
3 desc.
· Dānamaya
Dānamaya—consisting in giving alms or being liberal (see above a) D.III...
2 desc.
· Sikāyasa-maya
Sikāyasa-maya, (adj.) (made of tempered steel (said of swords) J. VI, 449 (cp. N...
1 desc.
· Aśubhabhāvana
Contemplation of the disgusting (aśubhabhāvana) is a good counteragent (kuśal...
1 desc.
· Cittabhāvanā
Cittabhāvanā—cultivation of the h. M.III, 149;  
1 desc.
· Kāyabhāvanā
Kāyabhāvanā:—Meditation or training with regard to action D. III, 219; ...
1 desc.
· Maya Sutta
Māyā, (f.) (cp. Vedic māyā. Suggestions as to etym. see Walde, Lat. Wtb. s. v. m...
2 desc.
· Panna Sutta
Paññā, (f.) (cp. Vedic prajñā, pa+jñā) intelligence, comprising all the higher f...
2 desc.
· Upacara Bhavana
When the practitioner becomes more mature, his mind becomes much much more conce...
1 desc.
· Panna Jataka
Pañña, (-°) (adj.) (the adj. form of paññā) of wisdom, endowed with knowledge or...
2 desc.

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