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Bhāvanā Maya Paññā, 1 Definition(s)

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wisdom based on mental development'; s. paññā

Added: 06.Jun.2010 | Source: Pali Kanon: Manual of Buddhist Terms and Doctrines
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· Maya
1) In Vedanta, māyā is to be seen through, like an epiphany (darśana), in ord...
12 desc.
· Panna
True or transcendental wisdom. Last of the paramitas. One of the highest attain...
21 desc.
· Bhavana
Mental culture, development, the control and evolution of the mind, meditation.
11 desc.
· Cintā Maya Paññā
'Wisdom (or knowledge) based on thinking', s. paññā.
1 desc.
· Suta Mayā Paññā
'knowledge based on learning'; s. paññā.
1 desc.
· Sikāyasa-maya
Sikāyasa-maya,(adj.) (made of tempered steel (said of swords) J.VI,449 (cp.Note ...
1 desc.
· Maya Sutta
Once, Vepacitti, ruler of the Asuras, was ill. He was visited by Sakka, w...
2 desc.
· Panna Sutta
1. Few are they blessed with insight; more numerous they that are not. S.v.467. ...
2 desc.
· Upacara Bhavana
When the practitioner becomes more mature, his mind becomes much much more conce...
1 desc.
· Panna Vagga
The third section of the Patisambhidamagga.
2 desc.
· Panna Jataka
See Paniya Jataka
2 desc.
· Panna Vimutti
See vimutti.
2 desc.
· Bhavana Sutta
1. Bhavana Sutta. A monk may wish to be free from the asavas and from attachme...
1 desc.
· Samatha Bhavana
Regarding samatha bhavana, there are three stages of bhavana. These show how sti...
1 desc.
· Bhāvanā Bala
s. patisankhāna-bala.
1 desc.

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