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Berachah, 3 Definition(s)

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(blessing ), a Benjamite who attached himself to David at Ziklag. ( 1 Chronicles 12:3 ) (B.C. 1054.)

Added: 21.Aug.2011 | Source: Christianity: Smith's Bible Dictionary
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blessing; bending the knee

Added: 21.Aug.2011 | Source: Christianity: Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary
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A valley not far from Engedi, where Jehoshaphat overthrew the Moabites and Ammonites ( 2 Chronicles 20:26 ). It has been identified with the valley of Bereikut. (RSV, "Beracah.")

One of the Benjamite warriors, Saul's brethren, who joined David when at Ziklag ( 1 Chronicles 12:3 ).

Added: 21.Aug.2011 | Source: Christianity: Easton's Bible Dictionary
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