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Avesta, 2 Definition(s)

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the holy scriptures of Zoroastrianism (Var: Phl. 'abestag, abistag'); the language of the Avesta (Var. 'Avestan');

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The Avesta is the primary collection of sacred texts of Zoroastrianism, composed in the Avestan language.

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· Khorda Avesta
the 'Small Avesta', a prayer book with excerpts from the Avesta.
1 desc.
· Zend Avesta
see Zand.
1 desc.
· Zoroastrianism
Zoroastrianism is a religion and philosophy based on the teachings of prophet...
3 desc.
· Zand
translation and exegesis. The term 'Zand-Avesta' or 'Zend-Avesta' refers to an e...
1 desc.
· Nask
lit. 'book, volume,' one of the 21 volumes into which the Avesta was divided in ...
1 desc.
· Vendidad
one of the books of the Avesta; a high liturgical service in which the Vendidad ...
1 desc.
· Yasht
one of the hymns of the Avesta honoring various spiritual beings.
1 desc.
· Urva
Urva (urvan): A human soul. The Avesta word Urvan comes from its derivation U...
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· Niyayesh
one of five Zoroastrian litanies from the Avesta, part of the daily prayers. (Va...
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· Gatha
Ancient Indian verse.
8 desc.
· Khshnuman
lit. 'dedication', a dedicatory section (in Avesta) naming the yazad in whose ho...
1 desc.
· Siroza Siruza
lit. '30 days', a prayer from the Avesta which honors 30 yazads.
1 desc.
· Fargard
lit. 'chapter, section', a term designating sections of the Vendidad and other b...
1 desc.
· Yasna
one of the books of the Avesta; the name of a high liturgical service in which t...
1 desc.
· Thrishva
According to the Avesta our earthy globe is divided into two sections on spir...
1 desc.

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