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Attention, 2 Definition(s)

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See manasikāra (Pali for Attention).

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A mental factor that functions to focus the mind on a particular attribute of an object. See Understanding the Mind.

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· Inappropriate attention
A mind that focuses on the qualities of a contaminated object and exaggerates th...
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· Satipatthana
satipaṭṭhāna : (nt.) application of mindfulness.
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· Manasikāra
manasikāra : (m.) ideation; consideration.
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· Vinnana
Viññāṇa, (nt.) (fr. vi+jñā; cp. Vedic vijñāna cognition) (as special term in Bu...
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· Śaṭī
Śaṭī (शटी) is a Sanskrit word referring to Hedychium spicatum (spiked ginger ...
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· Mana
Māna (मान):—One of the “six iconographic measurements”, acc...
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· Yoni
The Yoni (योनि, “female gential tract”) consists of three folds. ...
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· Jhāna
1) Jhāna, 2 (nt.) (from jhāyati2) conflagration, fire D. III, 94; J. I, 347. (P...
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· Pariharaṇa
Pariharaṇā, (f.) (=pariharaṇa) 1. keeping up, preserving, care, attention, pleas...
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· Vipassana
Vipassanā, (f.) (fr. vi+passati; BSk. vipaśyanā, e.g. Divy 44, 95, 264 etc. ) i...
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· Anga Sutta
1. Anga Sutta - The five powers of woman: beauty, wealth, kin, sons and virtue...
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· Anapanasati
(Breathing) mindfulness of in-and-out-breathing ānāpānasati.
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· Avippavāsa
Avippavāsa, (adj. -n.) (a + vippavāsa) thoughtfulness, mindfulness, attention; a...
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· Paricārika
Paricārika, (adj. -n.)=paricāraka (servant, attendant) A. V, 263 (aggi° fire-wor...
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· Jhana Vagga
1) Jhāna, 2 (nt.) (from jhāyati2) conflagration, fire D. III, 94; J. I, 347. (P...
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