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aE SiddhiaE in Sanskrit. These are of two types: common attainments and supreme attainments. Common attainments are of four principal types: pacifying attainments (the ability to purify negativity, overcome obstacles, and cure sickness), increasing attainments (the ability to increase Dharma realizations, merit, lifespan, and wealth), controlling attainments (the ability to control oneaE s own and othersaE minds and actions), and wrathful attainments (the ability to use wrathful actions where appropriate to benefit others). Supreme attainments are the special realizations of a Buddha. See Tantric Grounds and Paths.
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· Subsequent attainment
The period between meditation sessions. See Joyful Path of Good Fortune.
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· Attainment Concentration
appanā-samādhi; s. samādhi.
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· Nirvana
The deathless; the cessation of all suffering. The very opposite of the Wheel of...
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· Samapatti
F (Absorption). Fact to be mentally absorbed, by means of a very high level of c...
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· Nibbana Sutta
1. Nibbana Sutta The Buddha explains to Janussoni the meaning of seeing Nibba...
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· Samādhi
Deep concentration: the state of one pointedness of mind characterized by peace ...
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· Samadhi Samyutta
Another name for the Jhana Samyutta. S.iii.263 79.
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· Samadhi Sutta
1. Samadhi Sutta. One who is concentrated is one who knows as it really is the...
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· Samadhi Vagga
The first chapter of the Sacca Samyutta. S.v.414 20.
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· Viśeṣa
Viśeṣa (particularity): By means of viśeṣa, we are able to perceive substance...
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· Ten Stages of the Bodhisattvas Progress
They are the following: (1) Joy at having overcome former difficulties and at...
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· Nirodha Samāpatti
'attainment of extinction' (S. XIV, 11), also called saññā-vedayita-nirodha, 'ex...
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· Java
A devaputta. Ruja said she could see Java making a garland ready for her birth i...
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· Phala
Fruit, effect, result, consequence.
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· Sampadā
'attainment, blessing'. The 5 blessings are said to be (A.V.91): faith, morali...
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