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Atash Niyaish, 1 Definition(s)

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The Khordeh Avesta Prayer, Atash Niyaish, proclaims various Truths and Information about all Atash.

Like all other holy manthra Prayers, Atash Niyaish is an exercise in profound meditation. Every sentence emanates some mystery of Mother Nature; lays down a Rule of day to day life; and sprinkles cool water of devotion and love in your parched mind.

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· Adar
fire; yazad presiding over fire; name of the ninth day of the month according to...
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· Atash Adaran
the middle grade of consecrated fire.
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· Atash Bahram
lit. 'victorious fire', the highest grade of consecrated fire.
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· Atash Dadgah
the lowest grade of consecrated fire.
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· Iranshah
the oldest sacred fire (Atash Bahram) in India, now in Udvada.
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