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Arupa, aka: Arūpa; 4 Definition(s)

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Arūpa,(adj.) (a + rūpa) without form or body,incorporeal,D.I,195 sq.; III,240; Sn.755; It.62; Sdhp.228,463,480.See details under rūpa.

--âvacara the realm or world of Formlessness,Dhs.1281--1285; Ps.I,83 sq.,101.--kāyika belonging to the group of formless beings Miln.317 (devā).--ṭhāyin standing in or being founded on the Formless It.62.--taṇhā “thirst" for the Formless D.III,216.--dhātu the element or sphere of the Incoporeal (as one of the 3 dhātus rūpa°,arūpa°,nirodha°; see dhātu) D.III,215,275; It.45.--bhava formless existence D.III,216.--loka the world of the Formless,Sdhp.494.--saññin not having the idea of form D.II,110; III,260; Exp.I.252.(Page 78)

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arūpa : (adj.) formless; incorporeal; non-substantial.

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In Jainism, 'arupi' stands for 'non-material'. Probably the same as arupa.

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Absence of matter.

Added: 26.Apr.2009 | Dhamma Dana: Pali English Glossary
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