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Appanā Samādhi, 1 Definition(s)

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'attainment concentration' or 'full concentration' (from apeti, to fix), is the concentration existing during absorption (jhāna, q.v.), whilst the neighbourhood or access-concentration (upacāra-samādhi) only approaches the 1st absorption without attaining it; s. samādhi.

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· Samādhi
Deep concentration: the state of one pointedness of mind characterized by peace ...
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· Appana
F Very high level of concentration.
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· Samadhi Sutta
1. Samadhi Sutta. One who is concentrated is one who knows as it really is the...
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· Samadhi Vagga
The first chapter of the Sacca Samyutta. S.v.414 20.
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· Samadhi Samyutta
Another name for the Jhana Samyutta. S.iii.263 79.
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· Samma Samadhi
Right abstraction, the eighth of the Eightfold Path; meditation, focusing the mi...
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· Upacara Samadhi
The concentration that arises while in upacara bhavana is called upacara samadhi...
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· Parikamma Samādhi
'preparatory concentration', is the initial and still undeveloped concentration ...
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· Samādhi Parikkhāra
'means, or requisites of concentration', are the 4 foundations of mindfulness (s...
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· Samādhi Sambojjhanga
'concentration as factor of enlightenment' (s. bojjhanga).
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· Śūraṃgamasamādhisūtra
Śūraṃgamasamādhisūtra, (“The Concentration of Heroic Progress: An Early...
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· No Strife Samadhi
Strife means debating and fighting. It is a kind of Samadhi, i.e. right concentr...
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· Samādhi Samāpatti Kusalatā
-thiti-kusalatā, -utthānakusalatā: skilfulness in entering into concentration, i...
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· Samādhi Vipphārā Iddhi
the 'power of penetrating concentration', is one of the magical faculties (iddhi...
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· Sīla Samādhi Paññā
s. sikkhā, magga.
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