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Angulimala Paritta, 1 Definition(s)

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See above; referred to also in the Milindapanha (p.151) in a list of Parittas.

Added: 11.Apr.2009 | Pali Kanon: Pali Proper Names
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· Paritta
Buddhist healing and blessing rite.
5 desc.
· Angulimala
The earlier name of Angulimala.
3 desc.
· Khandha Paritta
Khandha Paritta - One of the Parittas included in the collection of Parittas (Mi...
2 desc.
· Ratana Paritta
See Ratana Sutta (1).
2 desc.
· Arunavati Paritta
Same as Arunavati Sutta.
1 desc.
· Nagamandala Paritta
(or Nagamandalamanta). Mentioned as a charm possessing the power of bringing ble...
1 desc.
· Angulimala Sutta
Contains the story of the bandits conversion and the bliss of his deliverance. M...
1 desc.
· Angulimala Pitaka
Given in a list of heretical works. SA.ii.150; Sp.iv.742.
1 desc.
· Appa
appa : (adj.) small; little; insignificant. (nt.), a little.
2 desc.
· Atanatiya Sutta
The thirty second sutta of the Digha Nikaya, preached at the Gijjhakuta (D.iii...
1 desc.
· Ittara
ittara : (adj.) short-lived; brief; very small or few.
2 desc.
· Ratana Sutta
1. Ratana Sutta One of the suttas of the Khuddakapatha. It is also included in ...
2 desc.
· Appaka
(or Virata) Vagga - The eighth chapter of the Sacca Samyutta of the Samyutta Nik...
3 desc.
· Ayuvaddhana Kumara
Two Brahmins of Dighalambika became ascetics and practised austerities for for...
1 desc.
· Dhajagga Sutta
Relates the story of how, when Sakka led his forces into battle, he told them ...
1 desc.

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