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Angulimala Paritta, 1 Definition(s)

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See above; referred to also in the Milindapanha (p.151) in a list of Parittas.

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1) Paritta, 2 (nt.) & Parittā (f.) (fr. pari+trā, cp. tāṇa, tāyati & also paritt...
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· Angulimala
Ahiṃsaka, (adj.) (fr. ahiṃsā) not injuring others, harmless, humane, S.I, 165; ...
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Khandha, (Sk. skandha) — I. Crude meaning: bulk, massiveness (gross) substance. ...
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1) Ratana, 2 (most likely=Sk. aratni: see ratani) a linear measure (which Abhp p...
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Same as Arunavati Sutta.
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(or Nagamandalamanta). Mentioned as a charm possessing the power of bringing ble...
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Contains the story of the bandits conversion and the bliss of his deliverance. M...
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Given in a list of heretical works. SA.ii.150; Sp.iv.742.
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Appa, (adj.) (Vedic alpa, cp. Gr. a)lapάzw (lapάzw) to empty (to make little), a...
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The thirty second sutta of the Digha Nikaya, preached at the Gijjhakuta (D.iii...
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1) Ratana, 2 (most likely=Sk. aratni: see ratani) a linear measure (which Abhp p...
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Appaka, (adj.) (appa + ka) little, small, trifling; pl. few. nt. °ṃ adv. a litt...
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· Ayuvaddhana Kumara
Two Brahmins of Dighalambika became ascetics and practised austerities for for...
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· Dhajagga Sutta
Relates the story of how, when Sakka led his forces into battle, he told them ...
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