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Analytical Knowledge, 1 Definition(s)

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the 4 kinds of: patisambhidā.

Added: 06.Jun.2010 | Source: Pali Kanon: Manual of Buddhist Terms and Doctrines
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· Knowledge
cf. paññā, ñāna, vijjā, vipassanā, abhiññā.
1 desc.
· Analytical meditation
The mental process of investigating a virtuous object aE analyzing its nature, f...
1 desc.
· Analytical Doctrine
1 desc.
· Adaptation Knowledge
1 desc.
· Highest Knowledge
s. aññā.
1 desc.
· Maturity Knowledge
gotrabhū-ñāna; s. visuddhi VII.
1 desc.
· Retrospective Knowledge
1 desc.
· Tree of Knowledge
stood in the midst of the garden of Eden, beside the tree of life ( Genesis 23 ,...
1 desc.
· Four Kinds of Path Knowledge
the 4 kinds of: s. visuddhi (VII).
1 desc.
· Patisambhida
F Analytical understanding. This understanding can take place only upon reaching...
5 desc.
· Viśuddha
F (Complete purity). Excellence.
6 desc.
· Nana
Knowledge, real knowledge, wisdom, insight
7 desc.
· Panna
True or transcendental wisdom. Last of the paramitas. One of the highest attain...
21 desc.
· Brahmavidya
Brahmavidya is that branch of scriptural knowledge derived primarily through ...
6 desc.
· Vijja
Clear knowledge; genuine awareness; science (specifically, the cognitive powers ...
5 desc.

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