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Akusala Vipakacitta, 1 Definition(s)

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Part of Ahetuka Cittas.

There are 7 ahetuka akusala vipakacittas. They are

  1. upekkha sahagatam cakkhuvinnana citta
  2. upekkha sahagatam sotavinnana citta
  3. upekkha sagagatam ghanavinnana citta
  4. upekkha sahagatam jivhavinnana citta
  5. dukkha sahagatam kayavinnana citta
  6. upekkha sahagatam sampaticchana citta
  7. upekkha sahagatam santirana citta
Added: 08.Jun.2009 | Journey to Nibbana: Patthana Dhama
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