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Abhisankhāra, aka: Abhisaṅkhāra; 3 Definition(s)

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Abhisaṅkhāra, (abhi + saṅkhāra) 1. putting forth, performance, doing, working, practice: only in two combns., viz. (a) gamiya° (or gamika°) a heathenish practice Vin.I, 233; A.IV, 180, & (b) iddha° (= iddḥi°) working of supernormal powers Vin.I, 16; D.I, 106; S.III, 92; IV, 289; V, 270; Sn.p. 107; PvA.56, 172, 212. — 2. preparation, store, accumulation (of kamma, merit or demerit), substratum, state (see for detail saṅkhāra) S.III, 58 (an°); Nd1 334, 442; Nd2 s. v.; Vbh.135 (puñña° etc.), 340; DhsA.357 (°viññāna “storing intellect” Dhs.trsl. 262). (Page 70)

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abhisaṅkhāra : (m.) accumulation; preparation.

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identical with the 2nd link of the paticca-samuppāda, sankhāra (under I, 1) or karma-formations.

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