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Aṅgin, aka: Angin; 1 Definition(s)

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Aṅgin, (adj.) limbed, having limbs or parts, — fold, see catur° & pacc° (under aṅga-paccaṅgin). — f. aṅginī having sprouts or shoots (of a tree) Th.2, 297 (= ThA.226). (Page 7)

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Anindita, (adj.) (a + nindita) blameless, faultless J.IV, 106 (°aṅgin of blameless body or limb...
Four (catur) is the number of the earth, and represents the fulfilment of manifestations in ...
1) Pubba, 2 (adj.) (Vedic pūrva, to Idg. *per, see pari & cp. Goth. fram=from; Gr. prόmos firs...
Nindita, (adj.) (pp. of nindati) blamed, reproved, reviled; faulty, blameworthy Dh. 228; Pv. ...
Pubba Kucayana
1) Pubba, 2 (adj.) (Vedic pūrva, to Idg. *per, see pari & cp. Goth. fram=from; Gr. prόmos firs...
Uju, & Ujju (adj.) (Vedic ṛju, also ṛjyati, irajyate to stretch out: cp. Gr. o)rέgw to stretch;...
Anujju, (adj.) (an + ujju) not straight, crooked, bent, in cpds. °aṅgin (anujjaṅgin) with (even...
Samaṅgin, (adj.) (saṃ+aṅgin) endowed with, possessing Pug. 13, 14; J. I, 303; Miln. 342; Vbh...

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