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Aṃsa, aka: Aṁsa; 2 Definition(s)

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1) Aṃsa, 2 (see next) point, corner, edge; freg. in combn with numerals, e. g. catur° four-cornered, chaḷ°, aṭṭh°, soḷas° etc. (q. v.) all at Dhs.617 (cp. DhsA.317). In connection with a Vimāna: āyat° with wide or protruding capitals (of its pillars) Vv 8415; as part of a carriagepole Vv 642 (= kubbara-phale patiṭṭhitā heṭṭhima-aṃsā VvA.265). (Page 1)

2) Aṃsa, 1 (Vedic aṃsa; cp. Gr. w)μos, Lat. umerus, Goth ams, Arm. us) (a) the shoulder A v. 110; Sn.609. aṃse karoti to put on the shoulder, to shoulder J.I, 9. (b.) a part (lit. side) (cp. °āsa in koṭṭhāsa and expln of aṃsa as koṭṭhāsa at DA.I, 312, also v. l. mettāsa for mettaṃsa at It.22). — atīt’aṃse in former times, formerly D.II, 224; Th.2, 314. mettaṃsa sharing friendship (with) A.IV, 151 = It.22 = J.IV, 71 (in which connection Miln.402 reads ahiṃsā). — Disjunctive ekena aṃsena . . . ekena aṃsena on the one hand (side) . . . on the other, partly . . . partly A.I, 61. From this: ekaṃsa (adj.) on the one hand (only), i. e. incomplete (opp. ubhayaṃsa) or (as not admitting of a counterpart) definite, certain, without doubt (opp. dvidhā): see ekaṃsa. — paccaṃsena according to each one’s share A.III, 38. puṭaṃsena with a knapsack for provisions D.I, 117; A II 183; cp. DA.I, 288, with v. l. puṭosena at both passages.

—kūṭa “shoulder prominence”, the shoulder Vin.III, 127; DhA.III, 214; IV, 136; VvA.121. — vaṭṭaka a shoulder strap (mostly combd with kāyabandhana; vv. ll. °vaddhaka, °bandhaka) Vin.I, 204 (T. °bandhaka); II, 114 (ddh); IV, 170 (ddh); Vv 3340 (T. °bandhana, C. v. l. °vaṭṭaka); DhA.III, 452. (Page 1)

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aṃsa : (m.; nt.) 1. a part; a side; 2. shoulder.

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