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Śikhi, aka: Sikhī, Shikhi, Sikhi, Śikhī; 4 Definition(s)

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1) Śikhi (शिखि):—Another name for Barhi, which is a Sanskrit word referring to the “peacock”. The meat of this animal is part of the māṃsavarga (‘group of flesh’), which is used throughout Āyurvedic literature.

2) Śikhī (शिखी) is another name (synonym) for Śitāvarī, which is a Sanskrit name for a plant. This synonym was identified by Narahari in his 13th-century Rājanighaṇṭu (verses 5.50-51), which is an Āyurvedic medicinal thesaurus.

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Śikhi (शिखि, “fire”):—Third of the six seats of the Svādhiṣṭhāna (2nd chakra). It is identified with the third of the seven worlds, named svarloka. Together, these seven seatsthey form the Brahmāṇḍa (cosmic egg). The Randhra seat points to the south-east. This seat is also known as Vahni (वह्नि).

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sikhī : (m.) fire; peacock.

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Sikhi. The twentieth of the twenty four Buddhas.

He was born in the Nisabha pleasance in Arunavati, his father being the khattiya Aruna (Arunava) and his mother Pabhavati. He was so named because his unhisa stood up like a flame (sikha). For seven thousand years he lived in the household in three palaces - Sucanda, Giri, Vahana (BuA.p.201 calls them Sucanda kasiri, Giriyasa and Narivasabha) - his wife being Sabbakama and his son Atula. He left home on an elephant, practised austerities for eight months, was given milk rice by the daughter of Piyadassi setthi of Sudassananigama, and grass for his seat by Anomadassi. His Bodhi was a pundarika. His first sermon was preached in the Migacira pleasaunce near Arunavati, and his Twin Miracle was performed near Suriyavati under a campaka tree.

The Bodhisatta was Arindama, king of Paribhutta. Abhibhu and Sambhava were his chief disciples among monks, and Akhila (Makhila) and Paduma among nuns.

His constant attendant was Khemankara. Among his patrons were Sirivaddha and Canda (Nanda) among men, and Citta and Sugutta among women. His body was sixty cubits high, and he lived to the age of seventy thousand years, dying in Dussarama (Assarama) in Silavati. Over his relics was erected a thupa three leagues in height

(Bu.xxi.; BuA.201ff.; cf. D.ii.7; iii.195f.; J.i.41, 94; DhA.i.69; S.ii.9; Dvy.333).

Sikhi Buddha held the Patimokkha ceremony only once in six years (DhA.iii.236; cf. Sp.i.191).

For a visit paid by him to the Brahma world see Abhibhu. His name also occurs in the Arunavati Paritta (q.v.).

Sikhi Sutta. The process by which Sikhi Buddha, like the other Buddhas, reached Enlightenment. S.iii.9.

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