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Here you will find the overview of Books we have of Christianity. There are currently 5 Books available to read online. This sums to a total of 282,543 words and 1,728,223 characters.

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Harry Emerson Fosdick was one of the most eminent and often controversial of the preachers of the first half of the twentieth century. Published by Harper & Brothers.in many editions in the 1930s. This material was prepared for Re...
by Harry Emerson Fosdick
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James M. Robinson is the Arthur J. Letts Professor of Religion and Director of the Institute for Antiquity and Christianity at the Claremont Graduate School and Co-chair of the International Q Project. Published by SCM Press LTD, ...
by James M. Robinson
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The following discussion is an effort to point the ways along which the life of the scientist can be so understood and so conducted as to make it a worthy means of expressing Christian discipleship. The author brings to this i...
by Ian G. Barbour
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added 2010-10-31
This book discusses outstanding examples of Old Testament myth, legend, history, prophecy and law in an effort to show that common theological presuppositions underlie all of these varying literary types, and that they must be rea...
by B. Davie Napier
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added 2010-10-31
A careful examination of the prophetic movement from its beginning to its culmination in what is termed "classical prophetism" (800-600 B.C.). B. Davie Napier, at the time of this writing was Holmes Professor of Old T...
by B. Davie Napier
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