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Buddhism is a religion and philosophy encompassing a variety of traditions, beliefs and practices, largely based on teachings attributed to the Buddha. The Buddha lived and taught in the northeastern Indian subcontinent sometime between the 6th and 4th centuries BCE. He shared his insights to help sentient beings end suffering, achieve nirvana, and escape what is seen as a cycle of suffering and rebirth. Two major branches of Buddhism are recognized: Theravada ("The School of the Elders") and Mahayana ("The Great Vehicle").


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The definitive text of the Yogācāra school of Buddhism. One hundred fascicles, composed in India between 300 and 350 CE.
by Dan Lusthaus
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added 2015-01-18
This book is an attempt to present the life and teachings of the Buddha , made by a member of the Order of the Sangha. The first part of the book deals with the Life of the Buddha, the second with the Dhamma, the Pāli term for...
by Narada Thera
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added 2015-01-10
Within Buddhism, there are very many important sutras. However, the most important Sutra is the Shurangama Sutra. If there are places which have the Shurangama Sutra, then the Proper Dharma dwells in the world. If there is no Shur...
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added 2014-09-02
Translated by Burton Watson in 1997 from the Chinese version by Kumarajiva (T.475)
by Vimalakirti; translated by Burton Watson
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Translated and edited from the Chinese (Kumarajiva ed. T.475) by Charles Luk (Lu K'uan Yi) in 1972.
by Vimalakirti; translated by Charles Luk
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